Door Lock Actuator Replacement, Ignition & Auto Lock Repair

Door Lock Actuator Replacement, Ignition & Auto Lock Repair

We’re here to make sure you get in and out of your car with ease. Problems with your keys? What’s the cause? Is it the key? Is it the lock? Is it electronic? We will tell you what you need to know and then proceed to solve your problem. Whether you need a new key, lock cylinder, ignition cylinder, or door actuator, we can take care of it.

Door Lock Actuator Replacement

door actuatorDriver’s door lock stop working? You press your remote lock or unlock button and the car lock does nothing. If you’ve check your remote and it seems to be working for everything else, chances are it’s your door lock actuator.
We can help. We will replace the actuator (electromechanical component that actually makes your car door lock move up and down and lock and unlock your car door). We will order and install the OEM quality, specific part for your car and you will drive away with a working door lock and have the convenience and safety of using your remote once again.
It’s important to keep this feature of your lock system in working condition for a couple of reasons. Number one, there’s less chance of getting locked out of your car. Number two, both your ignition key and door cylinder with have much more wear and tear if you unlock your door with your ignition key over and over.
Call us for a quote on replacing your car’s actuator and you can be on the way to a less stressful and more convenient experience with your car. Our prices are very competitive and usually a lot less than the dealership. And you can go shopping at the mall or get a cup of coffee at one of the mall’s many coffee shops.

Car Door Lock and Ignition Cylinder Repair

Ignition Swith Repair ReplaceThe vehicles that most commonly require the door lock and /or ignition cylinder repair or replacement are Honda and Toyota. Since this is an issue for many of our customers, we have started offering door lock and ignition cylinder repair and replacement. We can provide and replace your lock cylinders within 2 to 3 hours. We do require that we provide the parts and schedule an appointment for you at your convenience. Once we begin work, this procedure is usually completed with 2 to 3 hours.
If you have lost a key or had a key stolen, we can rekey your lock so the lost key will no longer work for your car. We are here to solve all your key issues!

We’re Your Best Option

If you are having problems with your door locks or have started having to jiggle your key or cross your fingers, hoping that the key will turn in your ignition one more time, come to see us. We will examine your auto locks, determine what the problem is, and take away the stress of an undependable key or lock. Come see us!